Getting Started with NHaml

Posted by Andrew on January 16, 2009

has put up a great on how to get started with NHaml.

Thanks Brian!

By Popular Demand

Posted by Andrew on November 17, 2008

The version of NHaml now lets you use tabs or a variable indent size for indentation.

Now, no more arguing! You may go about your business.

P.S. 2 spaces is the best

NHaml 2.0 Beta

Posted by Andrew on November 17, 2008

rightly pointed out that requiring NHaml users to pull the source from SVN was just downright lazy. So I finally got around to putting together an actual release: .

With 2.0 we’ve made some substantial changes and improvements and also greatly simplified the API. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming:

  • The biggest change by far has been the introduction of pluggable back-end compilers. NHaml templates can now be authored in one of four languages: C# 2, C# 3, Boo and IronRuby.
  • We have greatly simplified our ASP.NET MVC View Engine which now inherits from the framework provided VirtualPathProviderViewEngine.
  • NHaml 2.0 implements the for convenient handling of HTML encoding.
  • We made some major API usability improvements for stand-alone template rendering.

We still have a bunch of stuff on our backlog, some of which we’ll try and squeeze into 2.0 RTM - Hopefully sometime within the next month.

Enjoy and death to angle brackets!

NHaml Discussion Group

Posted by Andrew on September 18, 2008

Using NHaml? Then head on over to .

Thanks to for setting it up.

NHaml 1.3 Released

Posted by Andrew on September 05, 2008

Updated to support ASP.NET MVC Preview 5.

As always, get it .